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Blooming Beauty

royal poinciana

It’s worth a trip to Sanibel in spring and early summer just to catch a glimpse of nature’s vibrant colors. And the royal poinciana boasts the most flamboyance, offering an extravagant canopy of fire engine red blooms and large green lacy leaves. We call it a classic Florida show-stopper and bet you can’t take your eyes off this blooming beauty.  » Read more

National Seashell Day

National Seashell Day

Let’s celebrate the first day of summer together with a Shellebration holiday! It’s National Seashell Day! In honor of this inaugural event, we invite you to stoop down on Sanibel’s beautiful beaches to start or expand your collection of beautiful shells. We’ll help! Stop in Guest Services for shelling tips and visit our on-site Shelling Station for cleaning and ID’ing in the shade.

To recognize the occasion, we’d love to show off your shells collected from visits at Ocean’s Reach.  » Read more

Feathered Guest

carrier pigeon

A lost carrier pigeon has taken a detour from his travels by lodging in a window sill at Ocean’s Reach. One of our guests was able to read the bird’s registration leg band and found out the bird was raised in San Diego and later sold to a buyer on the east coast of Florida.

It’s no wonder that a lost bird would wander to Sanibel. Our barrier islands offer a large wildlife habitat for 230 kinds of birds as well as “snowbirds”,  » Read more

Better the Second Time Around

conch shells

Recently we introduced you to our elated guests whose patience paid off with the discovery of two large horse conch shells. News Update: within the same week, the same guests found the same elusive shells – not two, not three but four oversized horse conch shells! Two ladies plus one week equals six horse conch shells!

Their advice to all shellers staying at Ocean’s Reach? During low tide,  » Read more

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