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Not Digging It


From the City of Sanibel:

Hey Sanibel Beachgoers! 
Let’s leave the digging to the turtles…

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Long before beachgoers arrived on Sanibel’s pristine beaches, sea turtles have been coming ashore to lay their eggs.  After crawling out of the water, a female sea turtle uses her flippers to make an exhausting trek up the beach looking for a good spot to deposit her eggs. 

Pedal to the Pub


Get ready to pedal for a good time!  Cycle Co. has started a new party bike in downtown Cape Coral, just about a half-hour drive from Ocean’s Reach.

These covered, pedal-powered “cycle pubs” operate as a sort of bar on four wheels.  Passengers bring their own drinks on board.  They cycle around downtown Cape Coral and pedal from bar to bar, hopping back on the bike to visit the next destination.  » Read more



Mullets.  Big hair.  Ill-advised fashion choices.  Stilted poses.  Unhappy children.

The “Awkward Family Photos” exhibit — a traveling show featuring more than 200 goofy, awkward and often hilarious family photos — is now available to see at the Center for Performing Arts in Bonita Springs through July 25.

The exhibit sprang from the website, created by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack in 2009 who were inspired by vacation photos of their own families.   » Read more

Yoga in the Garden


Every Wednesday morning, an hourlong Yoga Class in the Moonlight Garden at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates allows you to step away from all of your 21st century gadgets and focus on the moment.

In addition to numerous health benefits, yoga also offers a deeper connection to your inner self, nature and the community.

All skill levels are welcome.  Bring a yoga mat,  » Read more

Plenty of Sun, Sea and Sand

Photo by Kinzie Riehm


Not surprisingly, Sanibel Island made the list of the “25 Best Family Beach Vacations” as published recently by The Pioneer Woman.

The article starts:

There’s something so relaxing about the best family beach vacations.  It’s probably the soothing effects of that hot summer sun drifting down on us as we laze on a super soft beach towel.   » Read more

Our Royalty


It’s the time of year when our spectacular Royal Poinciana tree is ablaze in color!

The Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia) lives up to its name, which means regal, royal or magnificent — all perfect descriptive terms for it.

We know it’s summer when we see the tree burst into bloom in fabulous shades of rich orange-red.

Fun Fact:  The Royal Poinciana has been immortalized by many Florida artists and was a favorite subject of the Florida Highwaymen,  » Read more

Keep Your Summer Green


A note from our friends at “Ding” Darling: 

Summer and beachgoing belong together, but remember to keep your green vision in place as you make it to the sands.

A few reminders:

  • Respect the wildlife.  That means not feeding the birds and, locally on the islands, keeping your distance from marked bird and sea turtle nests.
  • Further protect nesting and hatching sea turtles by removing obstacles such as chairs and sandcastles and filling in holes.
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