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Plenty of Sun, Sea and Sand

Photo by Kinzie Riehm


Not surprisingly, Sanibel Island made the list of the “25 Best Family Beach Vacations” as published recently by The Pioneer Woman.

The article starts:

There’s something so relaxing about the best family beach vacations.  It’s probably the soothing effects of that hot summer sun drifting down on us as we laze on a super soft beach towel.   » Read more

Our Royalty


It’s the time of year when our spectacular Royal Poinciana tree is ablaze in color!

The Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia) lives up to its name, which means regal, royal or magnificent — all perfect descriptive terms for it.

We know it’s summer when we see the tree burst into bloom in fabulous shades of rich orange-red.

Fun Fact:  The Royal Poinciana has been immortalized by many Florida artists and was a favorite subject of the Florida Highwaymen,  » Read more

Keep Your Summer Green


A note from our friends at “Ding” Darling: 

Summer and beachgoing belong together, but remember to keep your green vision in place as you make it to the sands.

A few reminders:

  • Respect the wildlife.  That means not feeding the birds and, locally on the islands, keeping your distance from marked bird and sea turtle nests.
  • Further protect nesting and hatching sea turtles by removing obstacles such as chairs and sandcastles and filling in holes.
  •  » Read more

A Fever of Stingrays


Swimmers got a huge surprise the other day over on Fort Myers Beach when a large group of stingrays — known as a “fever” of stingrays — swam past them in knee-deep water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Contrary to what some believe, stingrays are not aggressive and pose very little danger to humans.

Stingrays frequently can be found in the warm shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico during the months of May through October.   » Read more

National Seashell Day


Time to Shellebrate — Today is National Seashell Day!

As you know, visitors come from all over the world to explore our world-famous shell-strewn beaches.  Thanks to the unique geography of our islands, over 400 species of beautiful shells roll onto our shores and into your reach.

With more than 50 miles of sun-soaked beaches, the islands of Sanibel and Captiva offer the best spots to practice your “Sanibel Stoop” and “Captiva Crouch.”

In fact,  » Read more

… And Then This Happened


Received this great photo from longtime guests Kim and Robert Y. from Cincinnati, OH, with a note saying:

“We said we weren’t going to bring home any more shells … and then this happened.  

Robert found the vast majority right outside of Ocean’s Reach, digging in thigh high water.  Digging is the key apparently.  So much fun!”    » Read more

Magnificent Magnetite


As you may know, a sea turtle has an excellent sense of direction.

Fun fact!  There is an element in their brain, called magnetite, that allows them to imprint and track specific magnetic fields all around the world — kind of like an internal GPS.  They use that out in the ocean to track their food sources and guide themselves back to their original natal beach for mating and nesting.  » Read more

Simply Colorful


We ran across a nice article from The News-Herald in Willoughby, Ohio, with the headline: “Fort Myers’ Edison and Ford Winter Estates captivate with colorful gardens and history.”

The story, written by Janet Podolak, begins:

“Gardens are a big draw for me wherever I am. This time of year, when everything seems to burst into colorful bloom transforming the gray winter landscapes,  » Read more

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