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Your Daily Beach Therapy from Ocean's Reach

An Old-Fashioned Petting Zoo

Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Edison & Ford Winter Estates is offering children the opportunity to enjoy a petting zoo environment — early 1900s style — beginning on Sunday, July 31 from 1 to 4 p.m.

Thomas Edison had several animals at his winter estate. Like most working farms, he had dogs and cats, plus a cow, horse and many chickens. Reportedly, he drank a lot of milk so he purchased a cow in 1908.  » Read more

We’re Jammin’!

Brunswick clan tradition

Our Ocean’s Reach ladies sure are jammin’!

Lisa and Joyce M. (who started our treasured Brunswick clan tradition) are pictured here as twins in their colorful beach dresses from Jams World.

The clothing line is a favorite among many of our guests for its bright, lively colors and bold, funky personality. In fact, Collette A. — another of our dazzling “Georgia peaches” — has over a dozen of these vibrant dresses …  » Read more

Treasure Hunt

Grandma Myers 8th treasure hunt

Looking for adventure while sleuthing the secrets of Sanibel?

We’ve been tracking the scavenger hunt activities of the Fredericks family for eight years. It’s a highly anticipated Ocean’s Reach tradition for these teens and pre-teens! Look at the smiles on their faces as they embark on solving their first clue.

Grandma Meyer and Mother Allison host the outdoor game and create a treasure list that is not only fun and entertaining but sharpens the teams’  » Read more

The Paddling Life


Finnemore's 2

paddle boarding

Enjoy the panoramic view from your gulf side lanai and you’ll likely see a paddle board or two on the beach or in the gulf. The popularity of a paddling life grows and grows. Aside from multiple island vendors delivering the equipment to your door, Ocean’s Reach now has stackable racks that park the boards overnight and when not in use.  » Read more

Make Your Grilling Great!

Barbeque in our Grove

The guests from Brunswick, Georgia roar for more good food from the four gas grills at Ocean’s Reach. All 13 diners satiated their 4th of July appetites with a backyard barbeque in our Grove and at the talented hands of their appointed master griller Windy M.

Looks and smells like brats, burgers and dogs—a baker’s dozen! Eat ‘em up!!  » Read more

Everybody Loves a Parade

4th of July bicycle parade

And our all-time favorite is the annual 4th of July bicycle parade from Ocean’s Reach to the Sanibel Independence Day Parade. The bicycles travel hundreds of miles on the backs of trucks and SUVs from Brunswick, Georgia to Sanibel—many pre-decorated in patriotic red, white and blue.

The procession of Georgian riders begins on Camino del Mar and starts with a requisite lineup for Andy’s official photograph. Then the participants are off and pedaling to Periwinkle Way!  » Read more

Raise Some Fun

Brunswick guests

It’s been said before that Brunswick, Georgia raises fun to a new high. And our Brunswick guests are bringing their own brand of fun to Ocean’s Reach. It’s HUGE. From their own family bicycle parade to the Sanibel Independence Day Parade to a super-sized rubber raft in the Gulf of Mexico, you can’t miss their fun on the beach, at the parade or in the Grove. And what’s more, it’s contagious!  » Read more

Nature Fun in Naples

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida 1

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida 2

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida 4

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida will offer free admission for children every Saturday during the months of July and August 2016. As part of the Conservancy’s commitment to connecting children with nature this summer, the Conservancy is offering up to four kids free with a paid adult ticket at $12.95.

Visitors can travel around the Conservancy of Southwest Florida as they play games,  » Read more

New Family Audio Tour at Edison Ford

Edison Ford Estate

There is something new at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates this summer just in time for families visiting with children. The new tour — with an entertaining twist — is available on an audio wand just right for children to enjoy.

The audio is set up with numbered stops throughout the historic gardens and the device has quiz questions and investigations just right for students.  » Read more

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